On July 19-20th, we are transforming West Edmonton Mall


Edmonton and Western Canada have a prolific car scene and some of the most outstanding performance and customization shops in the world. The result, INCREDIBLE CARS.  This weekend you will experience just how amazing Western Canadian Car Culture is in a fun and engaging environment. From classics to exotics, you will see some of Western Canada's best show, performance and modified daily drivers. Learn about the clubs, teams and events and what is happening in your local car scene.

This is a fun and engaging environment where you will experience car meets, cruises, and shows all in a Las Vegas style theme. This years show features our themed auto festival plus we have added a truck, jeep and overland show, demonstration track, plus an auto Gala. 

Our #1 Goal is to celebrate our car culture

With over 700 summer events across western Canada and hundreds of auto clubs and teams representing over 300,000 auto enthusiasts, Raczer’s Hooked on cars weekend brings it all together in a 3-day showcase event.

If you are a club and want to grow your community, bring your club banner, event information, cars, T-Shirts and more..

The Venue

With National and International reach, West Edmonton Mall sees up to 240,000 visitors/day.


The ICE PALACE theme will be “Las Vegas”.  A number of performances will be happening within the venue to maximize patron experience and vendor exposure.


Raczer’s Car Scene Network.

Raczer's Approach

Raczer is all about the car community. We currently visit over 40+ events/year and are actively growing the car community through our online platforms.

Raczer.com is an online social network for car enthusiasts that allows users to create new events, rank cars, live chat, attend car meets, shows and cruises. Raczer also has a unique rewards program for parts/service.

What is really cool is when you attend a RACZER event your car profile shows up!

Caruzin/NorthWest Cruise Calendar is North America's hub for car events. Find 1000's of Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar events that are automatically updated weekly.

Our Story

What is it about cars? Why do we spend hours surfing youtube for cool mods or spend hours walking around parking lots looking at other peoples cars? Why do we eat, sleep and breath cars and spend every single weekend doing something car related? Why are we infatuated with cars when they are really just supposed to be transportation? Why is it that cars are our happy place? There are thousands of us. We look past normal sports and hobbies and spend weeks on mods and searching for parts. We spend hours and hours on end walking, talking and breathing cars. Why are we so addicted to this?

You see, to us cars are freedom and a sense of self expression. We identify with something that is truly ours. It’s an expression of our identity. It’s mine and reflects me. It’s who I am and an extension of my personality. There is a unified bond in the car community. A connection, a relationship that ultimately brings us together. It’s a common ground for building relationships and building life long friendships. Cars are a thrill, an escape and an endless array of opportunity. We have friends that are car lovers. We are thrill seekers, artists, mechanics and it doesn’t end there. You see, it doesn’t matter what your trade or craft is, it’s about passion. We are cranking that seized bolt, telling stories in garages and building the ultimate love story. It’s that single moment when you are alone and frustrated and yet feeling accomplished that you finally got that part installed. THIS IS OUR CAR CULTURE. This is the beauty of cars and car enthusiasts and why we created Raczer's Car Scene Network.