What is Raczer's HOOKED?

Raczer's Hooked is an auto festival focused on showing off car culture and community.  We offer a new platform and experience in a fun and engaging environment. We love cars and Raczer is about the car community and building relationships regardless of car or club type. Its our culture and we want to show it off.

Let's face it. If your on this site you are likely HOOKED on cars and why wouldn't you be. The automobile sector offers a diverse array of career opportunities and we a share a culture like no other. As a car enthusiast you spend hours talking about cars and living our car culture.

What is Raczer's Car Scene Network?

Raczer's network consists of Raczer.com, Caruzin.com and the Caruzin Canada West Magazine

We automatically publish 1000' s of Facebook, ICalendar, Google Calendar, Eventbrite and Meetup auto events across North America representing over 300+ cities.  100's of clubs also publish events directly on Raczer's Network.