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Roll-in and Roll-out 

The Mall has graciously allowed us to use the ice palace until mall closes (9:00pm). Feel free to stick around and take advantage of the mall traffic and hour's.

Roll-in details are as follows:

Time: 6:00am - 9:00am, July 20th. Driver's arriving later that 9:00am will be refused entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Above is a map of where the roll-in entrance is located. It is the south part of the mall, off of 87 ave NW. Entrance 48. There will be parking blocked off and lot's of room to do any additional touch ups to your car before entering the mall.

Rules and procedures:

Before entry please check in at the Raczer table located outside of the entrance. Once parked inside, KEYS MUST BE TURNED INTO RACZER STAFF, this is a safety precaution.

- Gas tanks must be full.
- Hazard Lights must be turned on when driving through mall.
- Please have a locking gas cap or tape over cap.
- No revving inside mall. You will be ejected if this rule is broken.
- Please ensure no oil leaks, place something underneath vehicle.

Roll-out details:

Roll-out will occur after 9:00pm, July 20th. Please report to Raczer Booth to grab key's and a volunteer will escort you out.


Raczer Team